Frequently Asked Questions


What are the general rules?


  • ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING, NO ALCOHOL, and NO DRUGS in or around Studio premises.

  • ARRIVE ON TIME. Please do not arrive earlier than your scheduled time.

  • CLEAN UP after yourself. Studio must be returned to its original condition.

  • CLEAN UP BEFORE (not after) your scheduled shoot. Put everything in its original place.

  • FINISH ON TIME. Overtime charges will be applied if you exceed your scheduled time.

  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY, FILMING, or LOITERING outside of Studio Premises.

  • AVOID EXTRA CHARGES by adhering to the specific rate package that you booked.

  • YOU BREAK IT, YOU PAY FOR IT. This goes for everyone in your party.

  • NO LIVE MUSIC INSTRUMENTS or LOUD PA SYSTEMS allowed to be played in studio.

  • NO water, smoke, anything shattering/breaking, or confetti allowed in studio.


What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Debit, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. All payments, with the exception of cash, will be charged an additional 3.5% transaction fee. We do not accept ANY checks or any other forms of payment not listed above.

Is the studio sound proof?
NO.  If you plan to record audio, please be advised that you are likely to experience some background noise from neighboring businesses, which is completely out of our control.  Should you still decide to book, it will be at your own risk and will still be responsible for your entire booking fee.  Please contact RedLab if you have any concerns.

What are your hours of operation?
RedLab Studios is available for bookings from 9am-9pm (Weekdays) and 9am-6pm (Weekends). If your booking goes over our normal hours, overtime rates will apply at double your original hourly rate. 
Bookings and Studio Tours are by appointment only. No walk-ins please.

Can I do a walk-through of your studio?
Yes, but by appointment only. No walk-ins. Please call us in advance to schedule a walk-through/tour. We do not show the studio when there is a booking in progress.  

I'm bringing musical instruments for my music video. Can we play them?
We share common walls with other businesses, therefore we need to respect their space. You can bring them as props but they ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be played. We also cannot allow for loud playback.

Are there any special types of photoshoots that are restricted?
We DO NOT allow any production involving confetti, glitter, water, smoke, oil, shattering, breaking, or anything else that could potentially lead to major clean up or ruining studio equipment. Failure to comply will result in the immediate termination of your shoot and a minimum cleaning fee of $100. This rule is strictly enforced.

Do you have any available natural light?
Unfortunately not. 

Can I arrive earlier than my scheduled booking?
Please do NOT arrive prior to your confirmed start time. It is also your responsibility to inform your entire party of this policy. 

My time has expired, but I need more time. 
If time permits. Please inform a RedLab representative. Additional charges will apply.

I finished my studio session before my time expired. Can I get a refund or credit for the time I didn't use? 
No. Unused time is non-refundable, since the entire studio is reserved exclusively for the renter for the duration of the scheduled booking.

Will you provide an assistant for my shoot?
No. We provide the studio space. RedLab can setup your lighting and camera settings for an additional $25 per setup.

Are the lights already set up for my shoot?
No. You and your crew will be responsible for setting up lights to your preference. The studio will be neatly organized upon your arrival. You will be responsible for putting everything back in its original place toward the end of your shoot. Clean up fees will apply if not left in original condition. 

If I bring my own lighting equipment, will my rate be discounted?
You are more than welcome to bring your own gear, but it won't affect your rate. Studio equipment is available for your convenience.

Is there a limit to the number of people in my party?
Yes. Please refer to each Rate Package for details. Capacity includes the Renter and members of the Renter’s party (e.g.: model, makeup artist, stylist, production crew, assistant, friends, family members). Please inform RedLab Studios of parties larger than twelve (12) people. Additional fees will apply for exceeding capacity. Ask a RedLab Studios representative for details.

Are pets allowed in the studio?
We do NOT allow pets in the studio, due to the need to limit potential allergens that may affect our clients. 
Service dogs are exempt. Please notify RedLab ahead of time. 

Will there be a studio representative onsite?
There will be at least one studio representative present at all times. Studio representative will not be in the way of your shoot. No exceptions.

Are there computers available for use?
Computers are not provided. You will have to bring your own laptop for tethering and downloading files. 

Will a makeup artist, hair stylist, and/or wardrobe stylist be available?
No. We provide the space and equipment. The rest is all up to you.

Can we bring food into the studio?
Yes. We'll also provide an extensive list of restaurants that deliver to the studio. You are responsible for cleaning before your studio time has expired.

Where can we park?
We have a dedicated parking lot with plenty of spaces. It is free, safe, and secure. You should have no problems finding parking. 

Can we film pornographic material in the studio?
Absolutely not. Your booking will immediately be terminated without a refund. 

Are there security cameras in the studio?
For your protection and your clients' safety, we have 24-hour surveillance cameras throughout the studio.  

Is the studio eco-friendly?
We do our part to help protect the environment by going 100% paperless, recycling, using energy efficient LED and CFL lighting, and cleaning with eco-friendly products.